Volume I

01_in praise of genyen
02_offering of 'golden drink'
03_exhortation to the guardian goddess of long life
04_long trumpets, 'throat ornament'
05_long trumpets, 'two notes prolonged'
06_invitation to gonpo
07_petition to chakchen
08_invoking tshetro's blessings
09_supplication to the buddhas
10_aspiration to be reborn in the western paradise
11_petition to dramar
12_prayer for lama's long life
13_large 'mani-wheel', with mantra
14_rite to cure disease,chanted
16_by nuns
17_' tibetan shawm ' processional music
18_processional music for shawms and percussion
19_long trumpets, 'auspicious ending'
21_dramitse ngachlam, the drum dance of dramitse
22_lama norbu guamtsho
24_ritual dedicated to padma sambhava